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Request For Quote General Information of Application

What is your leak technology preference?
Are you testing with:
Value of Test Pressure  
Do you have leak rate specification?   yes   no
If yes, identify leak rate at test pressure or
pressure drop over time
What is the volume (size of free air space) of the part in cubic centimeters?  
OR Known value= 
How many cavities are tested in the part?
Do they need testing independently?   yes   no
Is this test system going to be operated:  manually   automatically
What I/O is needed?
What is your operating voltage requirement?
What is your I/O voltage requirement?
How many different parts do you need to test with one instrument?
What are your test time requirements?  seconds
No. of Parts to be tested?  Per Shift
Temperature of Component at the time of Testing

 Room Temp

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