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We would like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of Automatic Quality Control equipment used in the measurement/detection of Leak & Flow.

Some of our Prestigious customers are:-

  • PWD


  • JCB India Ltd.

  •  We have a wide range of in for every specific application.  The major classes are Leak, & Flow.

    The Leak Testing Equipment is based on the principle of Differential Pressure Decay between two parts, a test part and a reference part with Automatic Measuring Cycle for manual and Automatic test Benches for Air to Air Leak Testing. In Leak testing leak could be detected under pressure or under vacuum. We can see if the part is leaking or not and also look for micro porosity.  You need not put the Good Part in the water hence there is no question of rust.  It is a GO, NO GO system avoiding human error.  Other advantages are :- 

    1. Automatic Measuring Cycle.
    2. 6 Inputs and 6 Outputs for PLC Communications.
    3. 16 Nos of different Cannels for different test cycles.
    4. Parameters are easily Programmable with the help of Monitor, Mouse, & Keyboard..
    5. Adjustable Test Pressure and Reject Level.
    6. Four Line LCD Display for Pressure, Leak Value and Test Results.
    7. Data Storage of test results for more than one lac cycles with the value of Test Pressure, Leak rate, Both units date & time of Testing.
    8. Ethernet Port to retrieve data.         

    In our system first we fill dry air inside the component and then give some time to stabilize the pressure. Then the system goes in test mode and see for pressure drop. The CORONA differential transducer used in our equipment helps you in detecting even minor pressure variations up to 1 Pascal/sec 

    Especially when it comes to the testing of leakage, we have considerable expertise in conducting the leak testing very precisely on 100% of the production.  The testing method varies with respect to the product being tested, depending on its Volume, Material, Test Pressure etc.  The advantages are innumerable ranging from Accuracy, Fast Operation, Storage of Consolidated Test Results with Pressure, Date & Time, and Automation possibility.   

    We are also deal in helium leak testing Machines also. 

    If you need any further clarification.  Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

    We would be eager to be a part of your Quality Assurance Program, Thanks for your valuable and precious time.

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